Mohamad bin Abdul Hamid, Prof. Dr.

Mohamad bin Abdul Hamid, Prof. Dr.


This page provides access to research works by Prof. Dr. Mohamad bin Abdul Hamid, currently a Deputy Rector (Academic & International) and Professor of Kulliyyah of Muamalat & Management Science, UniSHAMS.

Office Of Deputy Rector (Academic And International)

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Expertise :

Islamic Banking, Finance, Business Administration, Insurance & Takaful, Entreprenuership, Economics, Accounting, Management, Waqaf, Risk Management, and Islamic Estate Planning.

Publication :

i. Kaedah Penyelesaian Pertikaian Alternatif Dari Sudut Syariah di Malaysia. Journal of Nusantara Studies (JONUS) 2017, Vol 2(1) 86-98. ISSM 0127-9386.

ii. Shariah Governance Framework in Islamic Capital Market: A Review of the Literature. Advance Science Letters, January Issue 2017. (ISI Indexed)

iii. Shariah Governance in Islamic Capital Market: Towards Achieving Maqasid Shariah. Advance Science Letters, January Issue 2017. (ISI Indexed)

iv. The Effect of Enterprise Risk Management on Firm Value: Evidence from Malaysia Technology Firms. Jurnal Pungurusan (Scopus 2017) Volume 49, June Issue 2017. (Scopus)

v. Determinants of Demand for Takaful Cash Waqf in Malaysia. Journal of Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies, Vol. 5 Issue 1 2016 pp 8-24, ISSN: 2462-1935

vi. Market Risk and Bank Specific Determinants of Commercial Banks in Malaysia. Journal of Progressive Research in Social Sciences (JPRSS) Vol. 4, Issues 1

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ix. Arbitration And Mediation Method Applied To Islamic Finance Conflicts In Malaysia. Journal of Social Science Research (2015) Vol. 6 No. (3): 1151-1158, ISSN: 2321-1091

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xiv. Factors Affecting The Acceptance on Ar-Rahnu (Islamic Basec Pawn Broking): A Case Study of Islamic Banking in Malaysia. 2014 The Macrotheme Revuew 3(3), Spring 2014: 22-35.

xv. The Ownership of Islamic Insurance (Takaful) in Malaysia. International Journal of Advances in Management and Economics 2013. 2(6):22-30

xvi. Relationship between Islamic human resource management (IHRM) practices and trust: an empirical study. Journal of Industrial Engineering And Management 2

xvii. Who is the social entrepreneur? Easy question, difficult answer. Journal of Global Entrepreneurship 2013. 5(1):1-2.

xviii. Tax Payer Compliance Behaviour: Economic Factors Approach. Jurnal Pengurusan. 2013. 38:75-85 (SCOPUS)

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