Ahmad Fauzi bin Idris, Prof. Madya Dr.

Ahmad Fauzi bin Idris, Prof. Madya Dr.


This page provides access to research works by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi bin Idris, currently a Professor of Centre For Islamic Finance Education And Research (UniSHAMS-CIFER).

E-Mail : fauziidris@unishams.edu.my

Expertise :

Islamic Banking and Finance, Marketing Management, International Trade & International Management/ Islamic Management

Education :

i. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Islamic Banking (Financial Reporting)

ii. Master (MBA) in International Trade

iii. Master (MSc) International Economics & Finance

iv. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Administration

v. Diploma in Banking

Publication :

i. The Impact of Compatibility and Perceived Risk on Customers' Acceptance of Islamic Banking in Nigeria.

ii. Adoption of Islamic Banking Products and Services in Nigeria: An Application of Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

iii. Conceptual Framework for Adoption of Islamic Banking in Nigeria : The Role of Customer Involvement.

Awards :

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2016, Kolej Universiti INSANIAH

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