Development of Framework for Good Governance Index for Mosques in Kedah

Show simple item record Rahayati Ahmad, Dr. Syahiza binti Arsad, Dr. Roshima binti Said Azlindawati binti Hassan Shaamila Shahabuddin 2020-10-11T05:58:41Z 2020-10-11T05:58:41Z 2020-08-08
dc.identifier.issn 2394-5125
dc.description.abstract For a decade, the mosques had played a crucial role in various aspects of Muslim life. As a socio-economic development center for Muslims, this institution needs to manage and governed properly by the mosque committee members especially on empowering the management of funds and stimulating the economic activities of the Muslim communities as a whole. This study will developed a framework consist of 4 important element of good governance practices for Mosques which will influence the managing system of the mosques by the Muslim communities in Kedah. The 4 element were the Financial Management Matters, Governance Matters, Facilities Matters and Human Capital Matters. The items of each items will be determined through several set of interview and discussion session with a group of professional who have more than 5 years’ experience handling the mosques Shar'iah officer from lBFIM, officers from Jabatan Mufti Kedah, officer from Majlis Agama lslam and Imams, Bilals and committee members of Mosques in Kedah to verified the item in the framework developed in this study before it can be used. A pilot study will be conducted in Kuala Ketil area before it can be tested to actual sample of 212 mosques in Kedah area.The Good Governance Index (GGI) will be validated and verified for used, after getting the result from the pilot study and presented to the research teams. The mosques were categories into 3; District & states Mosques, Mukim Mosques, Private Mosques, so that the effect of the implementation of the Good Governance Index (GGI) can be comparable based on the different categories of the mosques in Kedah. The result of this study will contribute to new knowledge pertaining empowering the function of mosques in stimulating socioeconomic of Muslim in Kedah and helped the local government to monitor and evaluate the performance of Kedah Mosques en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Journal of Critical Reviews en_US
dc.subject mosque, the management of funds, Kedah en_US
dc.title Development of Framework for Good Governance Index for Mosques in Kedah en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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