Marina binti Abu Bakar

Marina binti Abu Bakar


This page provides access to research works by Marina binti Abu Bakar, currently a Lecturer of Kulliyyah of Syariah & Law, UniSHAMS.

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Expertise :

Corporate Governance, Shares and Islamic Capital Markets, Zakat and Baitulmal, Usul Fiqh, Current Fiqh, Comparison Fiqh, Ahwal Al-Syakhsiyyah

Education :

i. Master in Syariah (UKM).

ii. Master in Islamic Business Studies (Islamic Management) (UUM).

iii. BBA in Fiqh Wal Usul (Mu'tah University, Jordan)

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Recent Submissions

  • Afiffudin bin Mohamed Noor; Che Zuina binti Ismail; Marina binti Abu Bakar (Kulliyyah of Muamalat & Management Sciences, KUIN, 2017-12)
    The purpose of this study is to analyse the factors and implementation of istibdal method for waqf land in the Penang State. This study is based on two main methodologies namely data collection method and data analysis ...