A Critical Analysis of Zakat and Waqf in Sustaining the Development and Survival of Pondok Institution in Kedah

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dc.contributor.author Rahayati Binti Ahmad, Dr.
dc.contributor.author Siti Hafsha Binti Al Basri
dc.contributor.author Syahiza Binti Arsad, Dr.
dc.contributor.author Roshima Binti Said, Dr.
dc.date.accessioned 2019-11-07T02:29:10Z
dc.date.available 2019-11-07T02:29:10Z
dc.date.issued 2019-01
dc.identifier.isbn 978-981-13-7583-5
dc.identifier.uri http://unisep.lib.unishams.edu.my/xmlui/handle/123456789/12627
dc.description.abstract In Malaysia, there is an increasing of awareness in Zakat and Waqf among the Muslims community in Kedah. There is no doubt Zakat and Waqf had contribution a lot in development of Islamic education among the Muslim communities especially in pondok institution which grown drastically nowadays. Nonprofit Organization (NGO) in Kedah seen to be the main contributor of Zakat and Waqf to support and sustain the financial development of the Muslim community in Islamic education and other various socioeconomics projects. Due to such scenario, the development of the Zakat and Waqf for education in Pondok Institution in Kedah needs to be monitored to maintain the good practice and governance to ensure this institution will develop and survive in the future. The significance of this research is to examine the effect of zakat and waqf contributed by Nonprofit Organization (NGO) in establishment the survival of pondok institution in Kedah. This empirical study includes data collection of 100 Nonprofit Organization (NGO) who actively providing zakat and waqf to the pondok institution in Kedah. A Pondok Development and Performance Framework will be developed based on previous study and expert opinion from Majlis Agama Islam, Jakim and NGOs to identify the important element in measuring the performance, sustainability and survival of pondok in Kedah. This field studies would provide an additional information for the government and public to value the pondok education and hopefully the roles play by the NGO in managing the zakat and waqf for the development of Pondok institution in Kedah will improve and enhance the development of Islamic education system for the Muslims society into a higher level and respectful way en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd en_US
dc.subject Pondok,NGO,Performance,Sustainability,Survivality en_US
dc.subject Researchers
dc.title A Critical Analysis of Zakat and Waqf in Sustaining the Development and Survival of Pondok Institution in Kedah en_US
dc.type Book chapter en_US

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