Reflections in Cartoon Animation: A Discourse Analysis Approach

Show simple item record Nurhidayu binti Jaafar Sharifah Azizah binti Syed Sahil, Prof. Dr. 2018-12-18T09:13:19Z 2018-12-18T09:13:19Z 2018-05
dc.identifier.issn 2289-7208
dc.description.abstract Recent development in multimedia technology has seen its relevance to children’s language development. Despite numerous advantages technology has to offer, parents hold mixed opinions in allowing young children to be exposed to multimedia resources. As such, the main objectives of the study are twofold: (1) to identify children’s reflections on utterances via ‘Upin and Ipin” animation film and (2) to analyse the children’s utterances in post viewing sessions based on their reflections of the multimedia animation tool. The study employed Brown and Yule’s Discourse Analysis framework as the underpinning theory. Subjects comprised twentyone nine-year-old children from one suburban area in one state in Malaysia. The methods used were observations and interviews while Upin and Ipin animation was utilised as the study instrument. The interactions among the subjects were recorded and documented in written transcriptions. Subjects were asked to view the animation film after which they were grouped into four focus groups and reflected upon the animation. Despite the children’s limited communicative skills and given the right stimulus, subjects were observed to have adequate self-confidence while producing each of their respective utterances and managed to reduce shyness and low self-esteem in speaking during post viewing sessions. The employment of animation has shown that animation viewing has its place in training children to communicate confidently and systematically. This was evident as the subjects’ utterances contained diversity in meaning, and they were also able to discuss their opinions, present information, retell the story and recall their memories based on what they viewed as well as their life experience. In short, it can be concluded that the children’s utterances follow specific principles in utterances as proposed by Brown and Yule. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher International Journal of Language Education and Applied Linguistics (IJLEAL) en_US
dc.subject cartoon animation en_US
dc.subject children en_US
dc.subject discourse analysis en_US
dc.subject utterances en_US
dc.title Reflections in Cartoon Animation: A Discourse Analysis Approach en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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